Consultation, meeting, education

The Rainbow Family Center Lichtenberg offers a place of empowerment, support and exchange for lesbian, gay, bisexual, pan, trans*, non-binary, inter* and queer (LSBTIQ+) people with a desire to have children, queer pregnant people and expectant parents as well as queer families / rainbow families from single-, two- and multi-parent constellations and their children – in the form of consultation, group meetings and leisure activities. In addition, we conduct educational and informational events for professionals, parents or educators, and all interested people. We also do networking in the district and in the queer community in Berlin and nationwide.

Our family services are free of charge. We understand our center as a safer space – your questions, topics and interests are our focus.

Family is where people take responsibility for each other on a permanent basis. A rainbow family is a family in which at least one parent ascribes to a lesbian, gay, bi+, pan, trans*, inter*, non-binary and / or queer identity.


Consultation on the topic of queer families

  • Fertility and family planning
    • Psychosocial counseling for planned family formation via fertility center
    • Insemination and artificial insemination
    • Sperm donation
    • Multi-parenthood and co-parenting
    • Foster care
    • Adoption
  • Stepchild adoption
  • Family conflicts
  • Initial psychosocial counseling
  • Recommendations for queer-sensitive facilities

Group meetings

  • Toddler meeting for queer parents with children (0-24 months)
  • Play afternoon for queer parents with children (up to approx. 6 years)
  • Rainbow family brunch
  • Outdoor activities
  • Thematically focused meetings
    • Desire to have children and family planning
    • Solo parents, single-parent families, single parents
    • Bi+ and pan parents
    • Multi-parenthood
    • Non-biological parents

Education and networking

  • Queer Academy
  • Educational events for parents and caregivers in rainbow families
  • Information events, awareness-raising workshops and training courses for educational professionals and interested parties
    • Sexual and gender diversity
    • Family diversity, focus on rainbow families / queer families
    • Gender-reflective upbringing and education
    • Gender-equitable language
    • Welcoming culture

Contact us

Regenbogenfamilienezntrum Lichtenberg
Dolgenseestraße 21
10319 Berlin

E-Mail: regenbogenfamilien@leslefam.de